Music From Mr. Mustache

Shine, Shine, Shine
by Mr. Mustache & Co.

Shine, Shine, Shine is a collection of songs written just for children. You may download them to your computer free of charge. As with all of our materials, these songs may be duplicated for free distribution.

01 On Our Side Of Town.mp3 - Vocal (1:53)

02 I See Jesus In Your Eyes.mp3 (2:22)

03 Shine, Shine, Shine.mp3 (2:27)

04 Elizabeth's Song.mp3 (3:15)

05 I Know That Jesus Loves Me.mp3 (2:24)

06 All Creation.mp3 (3:00)

07 I'm Glad The Lord Made Me Like He Did.mp3 (2:18)

08 I Want To Be Just Like Jesus.mp3 (2:38)

09 You're Unique.mp3 (1:48)

10 Oh My Dear Little One.mp3 (4:40)

11 Balaam's Mule.mp3 (2:07)

12 A Little Boy's Lunch.mp3 (3:10)

13 Take, Eat.mp3 (3:34)

14 Jesus Died On The Cross For Us.mp3 (1:50)

15 You Are Special.mp3 (1:17)

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