Mr. Mustache & Company is a weekly Gospel television program for children that has been produced by Children’s Television Ministries, Inc., and aired across the country and around the world since 1977. The purpose of the program is to direct children to Jesus Christ. Free videos, audio recordings, books, Bible study materials, coloring books, and instructional aides related to these television programs are available free of charge on this web site.

Children's Television Ministries, Inc. was founded on October 3, 1977 by David and Carolynn Walters and a group of loving friends and family to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A home television studio has been constructed in Wimauma, Florida, and a faithful Board of Trustees oversees the activities of the ministry.

Carolynn and David were both born and raised in Michigan, just north of Detroit. They attended the same local church and were married in 1976. In 1980 they moved to Florida. They now live in the Tampa Bay area with their six children and thirteen grandchildren. David works full time as a public school teacher in Bradenton, Florida. Carolynn is a homemaker and a very busy grandma.

C.T.M. is a group of Bible-believing, Evangelical Christians who look forward to the soon and imminent return of the Lord.

Mr. Mustache & Company is a half hour weekly television program designed to direct preschool children to Christ. It may now be viewed on the web at The Mr. Mustache Channel.

Literature & Music
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Missionary Evangelism

It has been the privilege of the Walters’ Family to travel to many places preaching the Gospel. They are always open to invitations to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. For more information, contact Dave Walters at dave@mrmustache.com.

Our Mission

The goal of C.T.M. is to propagate the Gospel by promoting and establishing television programs that direct children to Jesus Christ. To accomplish this, C.T.M. is involved in several projects, including: Mr. Mustache & Company, Audio and Print Resources, and community evangelism.

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This website includes videos, songs, children's ministry materials, Christian books and more that will strengthen you in the Lord. NOTE: it is our policy to offer our materials free of charge as the Lord provides. Downloading and duplication of all our materials for free distribution is permitted. This site also includes links to some of our favorite Christian websites on our Print page.

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